Hygiene kits

Hygiene kits – Keeping girls in school

School girls in Malawi often start missing school when they start menstruating because they lack basic hygiene supplies. Missing one week of school each month usually causes the girls to fall behind, and they eventually stop going. Dropping out of school at this early age continues the cycle of poverty.

Before I left for Malawi, I shared a story about how hard it was for parents in villages to provide basic essentials to the girls in their families. A sweet friend here quickly jumped into action and made a big donation.

We visited a village in Northern Malawi where a friend in Malawi was donating hygiene kits he had gathered. It seemed like the perfect place to share the donation I had brought with me. The girls were very grateful for the hygiene kits, but exploded with energy, singing and dancing when they saw what I had brought. Tears filled my eyes seeing how happy they were. Sometimes the simplest gifts bring the greatest joy. Thank you Tracie❤️❤️❤️!

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