COVID 19 has definitely changed the world in 2020. I returned from Malawi just as COVID 19 was becoming the hot topic. The USA was preparing for Social Distancing. This meant our workforce was preparing to move to a remote working environment. For me personally as a total introvert, I was looking forward to this change. I knew we would be fine not going to the store for groceries for a while. I knew I would be highly productive working at home. I knew I would not be alone, because my children would also be home. My dog would be here by my side 24/7. Stitch Fix and Amazon would take care of most of my shopping needs. The weather was cold outside, making it even easier to become a hermit of sorts.

My heart was broken knowing I would not be allowed to travel to Malawi this summer. I would miss the work, my friends, the culture. At home, I thrive in social distancing, but I long for all of the opposite in Malawi…the crowds while shopping, the village gatherings, dancing, singing, protesting for rights. Being separated from people in Malawi feels like sadness.

The thought of Malawians being forced to stay at home, shutting down markets, small businesses is horrifying to me. I certainly don’t want them to suffer from COVID19, but shutting the country down for the people who live day to day, meal to meal will increase the likelihood of dying of starvation. Is one better than the other?

Our situations are so individual. We might be in the same storm, but we are not in the the same battle. Pray for Malawi.

Apple break between football games

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