Life altering gratitude

I am struggling in this pandemic, but probably not for the reasons most would expect. You see I am selfishly THRIVING in this social distancing. I feel happy. Peaceful. Calm. I over the moon LOVE working from home…and am incredibly grateful to work for a company that allows me to do so. I struggle a little, or maybe a lot, with knowing how to turn off the work, but I can think of many other things that are a lot worse. I work all day in a place with my family and my 4 legged babies. I am constantly surrounded by my countless blessings. I am constantly surrounded by people I love and have my fur baby laying near me the whole day.

I am grateful for the years that I spent prepping for zombies…it kept me from needing to panic over things like TP and hand sanitizer…I was blessed to have what I needed. I hear meat is the next craze, and I know we will be ok. I know people who live without those things everyday and figure it out.

It is a tough year for many…and I am in no way trying to make light of it. Maybe it’s not so rough on me because this isn’t “my worst year ever” … I feel differently. (I never want to relive 2016)…and I am sure there are crappy things to come…but hindsight teaches something very valuable…we did it… we got through it…I look forward for all of us getting through this and to rise above the hardships to follow.

I used to worry about “losing” everything…my experience in Malawi taught me that I don’t even know what that means. I long for the days when I can return to the place my heart still lives. I am grateful that I have been blessed and that I can still share what I have. These are some of the faces I miss the most.

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