Dave’s donation

A couple years ago a friend of mine donated $5000 to have a bore installed at a village. This particular villager had been learning new agriculture and farming skills and was known in class as someone who wasn’t always a “model” student. He spent a lot of time talking and joking in class. He enjoyed life for sure. The teachers wondered at first if he was retaining any of the information. It was also noted that many of the other students looked to him for advice and counsel. By the end of the year, this student was excelling in every area and graduated from the program.

The borehole

The borehole donated by my friend to this student would actually impact close to 2000 people. When I visited the student at his home, I learned that he was indeed excelling! His crops were incredible! His maize field was taller and greener than any of the other nearby farms we passed along the way. He was growing so many different varieties of beans and tomatoes and other vegetables. He created his own test gardens and spent time teaching others to do the same. I loved visiting this student and his family. I was ready to move next door and enjoyed every second of the visit.

This outgoing, fun loving, passionate farmer was sharing everything he learned with his fellow villagers and even farmers from other villages were seeking advice from him.

Family home

During our visit, he shared that this borehole would bless the lives of almost 2000 people. Many would come to get water, but also sought agricultural advice and coaching from him. He had already formed a committee that would oversee the collecting of fees from users for maintenance if the well.

Washing station also donated

He was incredibly energetic and seemed to be running circles around his neighbors. I was so inspired by him and his desire to help everyone who came near.


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