Things matter

I have a new perspective on things form this trip.  I know I have way too many things, and on the other side of the world, they do not have enough.  Maybe I have a bit more gratitude for what I have, but I definitely have a new perspective on the value of things. 

I often say we have too much stuff…it makes my life messy, creates distractions and get’s us off track.  It is quite different for them, they have nothing…when we give them something they are so grateful and what I have given seems so insignificant.

They need things…basic things.  When I asked what they needed the most it was: food, education for their children, and soap.  I had to keep pushing to learn what the specific items were…sometimes I just guess at things like this, but knowing that whatever I brought might be all that they have for a time, I was filled with anxiety. I knew whatever I provided would not even put a dent in what they need. 

I spent all the money I had on these families while there.  It will help them for a couple of weeks, but something else needs to happen very soon.  I worry with the Coronavirus threat that it will wipe out the whole camp.  I need my families out of there.  I know I can not do this alone. I shared my thoughts on being inadequate with my friend Esther, and she responded with, “even though you feel like you are only helping one or 2, those 2 matter!!”  Seems almost cliche and also very profound.  Worth every cent, but not near enough

We all want the most for our kids. I love seeing my children progress far beyond me in so many ways.  It seems like things are not progressing for these families.  It just keeps getting worse. 

I am constantly looking for things to sell…helps me get rid of unnecessary things, and brings in extra money to share with my friends…even though I know it only helps a small group for a short time, it matters.

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