A home for Lucky


This family is so close to my heart. They have been through some really hard times and somehow only express gratitude and appreciation for God. They are being forced out of their current home. It was not protecting them from the elements and needed many repairs. When they were told they had to leave it, they were panicked a little but then were told they could build a home but had to start immediately. This is a family that doesn’t have an opportunity to live paycheck to paycheck, they live meal to meal, day to day. I know many days they go without.

I can’t change the world, I can’t end poverty, but I can impact the life of this family…and with the help of my friends, we will. My team in Malawi has begun the process with a few blocks. With the help from my friends we can get this house built.

At this new homesite, this family will be able to have a rotational garden to help supply the food they desperately need.

I am so grateful to know them…

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