Becoming a team

Transformation – SAFI student homes

Each trip is different-different people, different projects-but each group becomes a team.

One year, we painted 40 agriculture student homes. Each year 40 farmer families apply and are selected to attend the agriculture school. The program provides homes for the students, but it is still an extreme hardship on the families. They leave their farms in their home village and commit to spend 9 months learning on site. Each family commits to the rules. One of the requirements is to pay part of their tuition with some of their excess crop.

After completing the program many of the farmers have crops that yield 5-10 times more than they did before the program. This program is one of the best I have seen!!

I love watching as the group of people I bring transitions to a team. We always introduce everyone before the trip so they can feel a little acquainted. A few get to know you calls with the global team and then off they go to spend a week together in Africa. The team is always diverse, and literally from all around the world. When they arrive in Malawi we add our in country staff, contractors and villagers.

Working as a team with limited supplies, different backgrounds, various experiences and individual processes can be challenging, but the lifelong bond begins to strengthen the moment we dive into the work. They are all willing to align with the mission, lead, follow and work physically exhausting labor in an intense environment.

I have worked with people and teams in a professional environment for 27 years and have never seen bonds, connections and commitments to serve form as quickly as they do when we meet in Malawi.

I am so ready to go back❤️


    • Thank you! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to visit Africa, and pray for more. Your comments mean the world to me because you KNOW so much more about the place, people and culture that I try to describe through my limited exposure.

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      • And you do a good job at it. Hey, you even manage to make me miss home, that’s how good you do it. Whenever I read your post, I am like gosh i know that! Please carry on!

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