Building a library

I was asked if I could bring a few books to a preschool on one of my visits.

I mentioned this request to my team and they all said they would gather books. I expected they would collect between 200-500. I was thrilled when we ended up with close to 2000 children’s books! It was such an emotional experience to provide that many books!

Before we arrived, their library was filled with outdated text books that were specifically for older children. After we filled the shelves with the books, we took time to sit and read with the kids. Some chose to read to us, and others wanted to listen.

Crowds of children gathered to participate and carefully selected books, read them, and then returned them to select another one.

When we left, they assigned the role of librarian to one of the young village girls that helps at the preschool. She helps manage the books and keeps them carefully organized on the shelves. I know this experience was very impactful for the children, but it was also an emotional experience for the team.

I am looking forward to building another library!

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