Storing food

I love growing and harvesting food. I love preserving food, so when we visit villages and learn about their processes I come home inspired and ready to do more.

Each village prepares a short presentation to show us what they have accomplished over the past year. I love learning about the food they grow, harvest and preserve.

This village was using a new technique to remove the maize kernels. I was amazed at how quickly they could remove the kernels with their thumbs. I tried and struggled with the process. Then they showed us how much faster it was to use the tool they had made from PVC pipe and specifically spaced screws. This little innovation was proving to be very helpful in their process of preserving the maize. I love learning new things, but even more than that, I love feeling the excitement and energy they have as they share what they have learned.


  1. Ha-ha. Peeling the corn off the stalk can give you callused thumbs like crazy.
    What’s that PVC pipe thing they use now? it might be very useful for my people too ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I can only imagine the calluses it creates. I felt very inadequate. This village had learned from some college students to take a plastic water pipe and add screws to it. When they would put the maize into the pipe and twist, the kernels would fall off. I can’t imagine the time it would take to complete the task for the whole harevest. Did you spend a lot of time doing that task?

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    • It is so different! I really miss the porridge made with the maize flour in Malawi though. They call it nsima. I owuld love to learn more about village life in Uganda. Your photos always seem similar.

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