An apple a day…

We always stop to buy apples from local vendors and then share them with kids. Since we are buying large quantities, we try to buy some from each of the street vendors. It is fun to divide up and buy 50 apples from each one. It feels a little more fair than to buy them all from one vendor. Sometimes we buy other fruits to go along with it, but apples seem to always please the kids.

While working at the clinic the children attending school nearby would come and visit with us. We would have many different groups gather to do different activities. Some would play football, others would share songs and dance moves and others would use bubble wands. I am not sure who has more fun – the children or my team. It is such a fun way to spend time with the kids. By the end of the trip we have all grown pretty attached. The kids are amazing: so happy, welcoming and fun!

After games we would ask the kids to make a giant circle and then sit on the ground while we would hand out the apples without any issues. Other groups have gone and complained of the chaos, but we have always had great success! They are always so appreciative of the treats. We have also handed out glo sticks that were donated. I usually prefer to hand out items of more meaning, but the children always seem to enjoy whatever we bring.

I am so ready to go back and share apples.


  1. You’re the best buying from each vendor rather than all the apples from one. Having spent time in markets in other parts of the world, I can just imagine the scene. Have a great day.


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