Zambia in the rainy season

Before traveling to Malawi I was advised to not go during the rainy season because the rains can cause cancelled flights and I could end up stuck there. After my first trip to Malawi, I learned that being stuck in Malawi would be a dream come true. I scheduled a trip to Malawi in January 2019 and decided to stop and go on a safari in Zambia and to test the driving route from Zambia to Malawi for my team to have as an option that summer.

I remember saying out loud every day, “please let me get stuck here!”…hoping that by putting it out there in the universe it could help make it happen. One of these trips, I hope it does:)

The lions were very active. We saw them everywhere. They would nap in the middle of the road and did not care that we were so close…they slept and looked so peaceful. I have gotten to know some of the guides now and know that I am in really good hands, so I am never worried.

Safaris in the rainy season, or emerald season, are incredible. I really didn’t know that safaris could be any better than the ones I had already been on….I was wrong. Yes, it rains; it rains a lot! Yes, you get wet…there are some really cute rain boots I can recommend to help you get beyond that concern. It is cooler on the drives…I am freezing if it is 65F, but I always pack for being cold to prepare for the 24 hours of flight time on freezing cold planes. The skies are gray, but it helps create perfect lighting for photos, especially for beginners like me.

Driving around in a vehicle that feels like it is designed for military travel eliminates my fears. Many of the roads have been turned into rivers and we had to take alternate routes sometimes for safety reasons. I am a lot more cautions when I take my daughter, and on this trip she was not with me…it allowed for a little more adventure.

The animals are so much more active and they really stand out with the beautiful green backdrop. We were almost plucked out of the back of the jeep once by an elephant, ok, I might be exaggerating a little but it would have been a very cool story to tell:).

I can’t remember the name of these small antelope. On my first safari, the guide told me they were lion “fast food” and that I would always be able to recognize them by the subtle “M” marking on their backside. Since then I have not been able to recall their actual true name…but I always recognize the “M”.

I am so ready to go back and see them all.


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