Planting trees

Planting seedlings

Planting trees is always a favorite activity on our trips. There is just something so satisfying about giving back through sustainable efforts. We try to plant hundreds of trees on each visit. We focus on planting fruit bearing papaya and mango trees that do very well in the area. They provide shade and are a great source for fruit for the families who live there.

Goat Barrier baskets

We partner with local community members who make these wonderful goat barrier baskets to protect the trees from the goats.

Team Work

This part of Malawi used to have plenty of trees, but over the years they have been cut down for fire wood. I am so happy we are teaching more sustainable ways at the school to preserve and replenish the trees that have been lost.

We planted this tree on an earlier trip and were so excited to see that it was already providing fruit. The shade that it will eventually provide for the student home will be a blessing. I can’t wait to return and enjoy the fruit and shade. I love seeing the number of trees increase in the area and hope we can continue to make progress in replenishing the resource.


  1. What a great thing to do on your visits. I never would have thought of the need for those barriers to keep the goats away. Trees are wonderful for the shade and fruit. When I used to cycle tour, I also appreciated that they acted as a windbreak. I like that you go back to the same areas and can see the growth of the trees you planted.

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