Homemade happiness

A group of women near my home made 200 dolls for my team to take to Malawi last year. These women put so much love into making these adorable little gifts. We would give them to the little girls we would meet in the villages. These little dolls were adorable and brought smiles to everyone who saw them. When we gave them to the little girls, they would immediately help each other place them in their wraps on their backs – to carry the doll like their moms carry babies. I know these little dolls don’t change their lives, but they certainly put smiles on their faces. I am hoping we can get donations like this again and share them with more little girls.


  1. A wonderful post of caring and compassion that has brought joy to the young lives of many, it made me smile too. My neighbour began collecting used teddybears for a project, it ended up much larger than he expected. We realised that these cuddly furry items we give to kids are almost 100% micro plastics, obviously not good for the environment and the huge amount of them that are discarded on a daily basis just in a small city like Hobart is astounding! I only mention this not as a criticism, as many of the dolls appear to be made of cotton and natural fibres but in the hope that you and others consider this in any future similar drives 🙂 All the best, Tone.


    • Thanks for the comment. There is definitely a lot of waste in the world that is damaging to the environment. I have seen this in my country. It is always our intention to be respectful of the world, cultures and the environment. Our focus is rarely on gifts, (like these little cotton dolls) especially since we are so limited on what we can bring into the country. Thank you for your insight and the experience you shared. We will strive to be mindful of the impact of our gifts as we continue to learn from and serve the people of Malawi. Have a great day, Andi.

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