Lucky moved into his Malawi house – project completed

We did it! THANK YOU!!! I am so grateful for the help and support we received to build this family a home!  When I met this family I was so moved by their love and family unity.  They are always looking out for others who need help and make sacrifices to do what they can.  They reached out to me after they were given notice that the shanty they were living in was condemned and would be destroyed.

He worked mostly alone on the house while still trying to find ways to provide daily food for his family.  Living a hand to mouth lifestyle does not always allow a lot of time for projects.  There were a couple of weeks when he had worked so hard his body was not able to continue and he was forced to take a break.  Not once did he ever complain!  He just continued to tell me how blessed his family was and that God would see them through.  Such incredible faith! 

His hope was to have the house completed before their 5th child was born…and it was completed just in time. Thank you to everyone for helping this dream come true for them…and for me… I am so happy we were able to provide the funding that would enable this family to build themselves a home!  Aaron took them some plants to put in the flower beds they created and also some trees.  I have  included photos of some of the thank you notes from the family along the way.  This project would not have happened without your contributions – so a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed!  You had an incredible impact on their family!  Thank you for contributing!!


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