Mamma Mia, best dining in Malawi

My favorite restaurant to visit when I am in Lilongwe is Mamma Mia. I love walking in and immediately being greeted by some of the nicest people. I usually visit at least twice per week when staying in Lilongwe. When I find something I love it is difficult for me to try something else. Many of my friends love the pizza, but I can’t get past the Ravioli. I first visited in 2016, and have returned every visit since then. It is a favorite among mzungus, foreign travelers. It is fun to look up on the walls and see that the Clinton’s visited years ago. Maybe someday, I will have visited enough to get my photo added to the wall. The atmosphere is perfect to host my teams farewell dinner before heading to our homes around the world. The ambience is a perfect setting as we reminisce the incredible moments of our trip.

I love chatting with the owner who seems to be such a nice gentleman. He is originally from Italy and provides a great experience for his guests. After my last visit, I received a message from our Malawian driver who introduced me years ago to the restaurant. He said after our last visit, the owner stopped him and told him that because he brings so much business into the restaurant that he and his family are welcome to dine at the restaurant on the house. How cool is that?!?! I think that simple act of kindness is the icing on the cake…I will always dine at Mamma Mia every time I visit Lilongwe.


  1. I love the name. It’s in Africa but from the photo, it looks like it could be in my town here in the US. I’m one of those people also who has favorite spots. I can’t wait for borders to open again. My wife and I plan that our first trip will be to drive to Montreal to go to our favorite restaurants there. None are fancy but all serve wonderful, simple food and have treasured memories.

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