Hidden in plain site

I have become more aware of how much I miss in the world and what goes on right in front of me. This photo was obviously taken by someone else, but when we were walking by, I do not remember seeing that baboon. It made me very aware of some of my blindspots.

As we drove into the park we noticed these 2 people fishing, one from the bank, one from the boat. We had also just seen a couple of crocs basking in the sun, just a few meters away. I know there are calculated risks in all walks of life, but I am not sure I could do this one. I am sure this is not a blindspot for them, but a risk they are willing to take.

Our guide made a sudden stop, and even pointing it out, it still took me a minute to actually see the snake. I am not comfortable with snakes, and could barely look at him long enough to capture this photo… I marvel at the beauty of this country and daydream about walking through this beautiful land, but with these hidden treasures, it will not be something I will likely ever consider.

Python who had just finished lunch

As we were getting ready to return to #MarulaLodgeZambia, again we made another stop. We parked very close to this incredible hunter. It took a minute for me to see him as well, in fact I really didn’t see him until the light was briefly put on him. The second shot shows you just how close we were.

For me, 2020 has become a year that has allowed time and space for introspection and awareness to some of the things I want to be better at…becoming more aware of my surroundings is one of those. I am always open for insight on ways to improve this behavior.

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