A love for learning

I love visiting schools! We were able to hear from the kids about what they love about learning. All of the schools we visit are teaching English which makes it nice for me to understand, as I have not completely learned the language yet. These 5 students were spending time on the front deck with their tangram activities. This is an activity I love to collect and take to schools when we visit. I have already started collecting these great learning tools to take on my next journey.

Some schools are very plain and in disrepair, but this one was a gem! It was brightly colored with great murals. The children and teachers all seemed to love being there. They were not expecting our visit, and welcomed us with open arms.

This school had a fabulous library! Probably one of the best I have seen. I use it as a model as to how I want to leave every school we come in contact with. The teachers at this school LOVE teaching, and it shows. Their love of teaching directly impacts the children and their love for learning.

I am always looking for great suggestions and ideas on other great learning tools and aids to take with us.


  1. This is beautiful. I’m amazeda at the library they have. Many schools in less wealthy countries would be thrilled to have such resources. The image of the children together on the front deck brough back good memories.


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