I love the rain in Africa

I was always cautioned to not travel to Malawi during the rainy season, but it turned out to be one of my favorite experiences. I know that rain is life altering for Malawians. I know it can also cause destruction, devastation and death.

If you can ever visit Malawi in the rainy season, I highly recommend it. If you are prepared, the experience is a beautiful one.

I asked a friend in Malawi what they do when it rains, he said with a smile, “we get wet.” Those words keep me humbled.


  1. I laughed out loud when I read ‘we get wet’. Haha! Awesome attitude. Thanks to your post, I would definitely go there in the rainy season. I am certain this is not for everyone but I would love to experience this adventure. Stay warm and enjoy your travels!

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  2. I like the answer “We get wet”. I was in Latin America in the rainy season. It didn’t rain constantly but you could almost count on having an afternoon rainstorm. And I did get very wet a couple of times I didn’t prepare. Does it rain constantly in Malawi in the rainy season?

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    • The rainy season usually begins in November and starts clearing up in April. For 6 months they will see little to no rain and then November rolls around and brings their water supply. It can get tricky to get out of some of the villages and remote areas because the roads will get washed out and unsafe to travel. It doesn’t rain every day, but many afternoon thunderstorms sneak in. When I visited in March, I had to wait 3 days to see the rain…and it rained like crazy and then cleared out. December, January and February it seems to rain most days. They usually get either too much or too little. I love adventure and can’t wait to go back.

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      • Thank you. It sounds similar to what I encountered but travel wasn’t much of an issue unless you were walking. I got caught out in a torrential rain storm one evening. By the time I got back to the casita where I stayed, I was so wet that my neighbors could not stop laughing. I laughed with them.

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