Writing on the wall

There is always so much on the walls of the schools I visit. Sometimes it takes my breath away to see some of these writings on the wall. I often think about all of the messages I want my own children to absorb and hope they take action to support what they believe in. So much we can learn from the past, I just hope we continue to make progress to become a better world for all.

The future begins here and it matters that we move forward…

There are only a few things in Malawi that break my heart, and the way that some treat people with albinism is at the top of the list. Meeting some villagers and hearing how they have to live because of albinism, is horrifying to me. My visits with them are some of my most treasured memories. I always try to take the best sunscreens I can find to them.


    • It is tragic sometimes the way humans treat other humans. In this situation, the bones from an albino are believed by some to have magic powers. Not only are they discriminated against, and abused, but they are often brutally attacked and sometimes killed.

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