Fertilizer in the village

Walking through villages I have always noticed mounds scattered everywhere. After a few village visits, I asked about them. In this village they taught us how they make their own fertilizer. They shared with us the general impact and how much more successful they had become after learning how to make fertilizer. Many farmers found they were increasing their crop yield and also the quality of the food.

Many farmers in villages struggle to harvest enough to feed their families. If they harvest enough to feed their families, they sell any excess to pay for other items like soap, protein and education. This particular village was mixing maize husks, ashes, leaves and small animal manure with a small amount of fertilizer they had purchased. They mix it together and then let it sit for months under a tarp.

These women made it look very easy, but the strength and stamina of these women is so inspiring.


    • They learned the technique from a partnering agriculture school, we were visiting as a follow up to see how they had applied what they learned. Prior to the teaching, their harvests were smaller and their maize leaves were yellow and the plants did not grow as tall. It was truly a lesson of learning to make the most of what we have. I definitely do not have the stamina to spend as much time as they do. They moved quickly and made it seem effortless. When I tried, I could feel the strain on my back and shoulders rather quickly.

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