Lake Malawi beach visit

I love having lunch along the beach of Lake Malawi. This area was pretty quiet on our visit. This is the beach at the Sunbird Livingstonia Resort in Salima, Malawi. We enjoyed lunch our lunch from the Terrace Restaurant at this beach side table. We visited midweek and there weren’t a lot of people around. As we walked along the waters edge, we noticed we were following the footprints of some local baboons. Not something we normally see living in the US.

I loved knowing that one of the legs of the Amazing Race was spent on this beach and in the lake. If you want to check it out it is Season 19, episode 6.

The rocks rising from the sand along the shores were fun to climb on and allowed us to view the beach from a different perspective. Further down from us, kids were jumping from similar rocks into the water.

Some of the lodges along the lake had natural barriers that helped them feel even more private. The lake is so large that it feels like we are at the ocean.

One of the things I love in general about Malawi, is the friendliness of the people. We always meet new people on our adventures. This is especially important for me to help my young daughter reach out and meet others her age adding new perspectives on our global experience.

We look forward to returning to this beach.


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