The gift of education

9 students and their teacher

In November I was approached by a friend who asked me to find a way she could help some kids in Malawi with school fees. The struggle for families to pay school fees for children in secondary schools is significant. Many of the kids were being forced to stop going to school because their parents were unable to pay. Many village businesses were struggling more than ever from the impacts of COVID-19. The pandemic caused the schools to close earlier this year which and many of the students to fall a little behind, but they all worked so hard to catch up as much as possible. Fees were due again in December and many were told they would not be able to return because of lack of payment.

The timing to connect my friend and the students in need was perfect!

I worked with my team on the ground in Malawi and we were able to make a little magic happen. Together we were able to ensure these 9 kids would continue learning by paying their fees for the rest of the year. I am so happy these 9 students from this village have an opportunity to work hard and focus on their dreams.

There are so many good and kind people in the world and I am grateful to be surrounded by them.

Head Teacher giving thanks


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