Reaping the rewards of hard work and improving your own life

Maize in Malawi

Doing more with less seems to feel like a natural trend. My friends in Malawi are feeling the same pressure.

Last year my friend farmed her maize crops on 4 hectares. This year, she managed to plant her maize crops into 3 hectares instead. (One hectare is about the same size as 2.5 acres.)

She was very happy to report out that the results were very good. She was able to harvest over 90 bags this year, where last year she was only able to harvest 70.

When I asked what she planned to do with the extra bags, she replied that she has sold them to purchase cattle.

She is always a prime example of working hard to improve her own life. The pandemic has not slowed her down. When I first met this sweet woman, she had to borrow an egg to feed a guest, and now as a single mom, she has built a new home, has more than enough to feed her family, raises goats, chickens and rabbits, purchased her own ox cart, and now is adding cattle to her farm.

She is my inspiration every day.

90 bags of success
Harvest time

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