My passion

My passion for Malawi started in 2016. An incredible project was assigned to me…design, develop and execute a service trip for employees. It started as all other projects do, with a desire to complete it, but it didn’t end there. . It was no longer a destination, it became a journey. I have returned many times since, and the passion intensifies with each visit.

I have taken these journeys solo, with family and with friends.

Each journey is unique in the way it impacts my life and the lives of the people who join the journey.

I started this blog to be a journal of my experiences in Malawi, the lessons I have learned and hope for the future; to keep the memories from being lost and to trigger new inspiration.

I have a deep love for these people and the life changing experiences I have had with them. Forever grateful for all that they continue to teach me.

Let’s go.


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