Adventures in Malawi

Walking with Andi

Working in Malawi

Each trip to Malawi is unique. The participants are from all around the world. The projects always vary in size and type. The experience is unforgettable. The memories are priceless. Thank you to all those who have walked with me in Malawi.

We choose projects that will support the work of the agriculture school. This includes, renovating buildings, building new structures, and agriculture projects.
Water born illnesses are a leading cause of death and disease. We fundraise and provide a clean water source for villages.
We build new buildings and renovate existing ones to improve the quality and quantity of service they can provide.
We sponsor improvement projects. This includes building support for micro business, bore hole drillings, and providing educational materials.
We partner with local schools to improve the learning facility, provide learning materials, and support for the students.

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