Small and simple things

Two years ago when we were in Malawi we visited an orphanage. We spent time visiting and playing with the children. One team member brought a “magic” trick to teach to the kids he met there. It was a huge reminder of how sometimes the simplest of things can bring great joy. I loved watching him teach everyone how to do it. It was so much fun!! I think what I loved the most was seeing how something so small brought people together. A simple toy removed social barriers and opened doors for communication.


  1. What a great story and experience, Andi. I really like the audio clip you attached to this. The sounds of the children as I presume the trick was shown and revealed are just pure joy. It really doesn’t take much to unite us, does it? Just a bit of genuineness.

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    • Thanks! I posted it by accident last night instead of saving the draft. I was in the process of editing the video so it posted incorrectly. Sorry, I am sure that was not a very pleasant experience. Oh how wonderful it would be to have a united world.

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      • I’ve accidentally posted ratehr than save a psot as a draft before. I’ve done it more times than I care to rmemeber. I actually enjoyed the audio but it was really fun to see the video just now. Videos from trips like that are something to treasure.

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