What scares me in Malawi?

I have been asked many times about what scares me in Malawi….to be totally honest, I struggle to think of anything that truly scares me. I get uncomfortable sometimes, but I could only think of 2 things that really scare me in Malawi.

I am absolutely frightened by crocodiles (ngona) and hippos (mvuu). I recently watched some of my video footage of the safari at Mvuu camp, and I realized I can’t even hold the camera still for more than a few seconds while filming them. I have to look away. I look for both of these creatures everywhere we go in Malawi…even if there is literally zero chance of seeing them.


    • It was after this trip that I purchased a nicer camera with a zoom lens to help calm my fears. I am usually so grateful that the safari guides always get us so close to the wildlife, but these 2 make me more nervous.

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