Keeping the weeds out

The work never seems to slow down for this family in Malawi. The maize in these pictures is just a few weeks old. It has been growing quickly. The weeds are also growing. The women take great effort in keeping the weeds under control. They move row to row and field to field, and then start over again. The work takes so much strength, but these two women, mother and daughter, continue to thrive. Once the maize gets tall, the weeds seem to slow down, and they are able to spend less time on removing them and focus more time on the other aspects of working a successful crop.

In the video she is using a hoe, which in Malawi is called a khasu. During one of my early trips, I received one as a gift from a farmer and friends. It sits on my mantel as a reminder to keep the weeds in my life under control.


    • It is the way of life for them for sure. They live a very happy, focused life. The handle on the hoe starts as a rather rough piece of wood, and over time and with hard use, it becomes smooth.


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